27 February 2017

Edward Snowden San Francisco

Edward Snowden appeared on video in San Francisco and here are his Closing Remarks.

20 December 2016

C40 Awards The 11 Best Cities Of 2016 For Addressing Climate Change

The C40 Cities Awards Mayors continue to deliver important, innovative policies and programmes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve resiliency.

On December 1st, from thirty-five outstanding finalists, eleven were announced as winners, including:

 • Climate Action Plans & Inventories: Portland
 • Adaptation Plans & Assessments: Paris
 • Building Energy Efficiency: Melbourne & Sydney
 • Clean Energy: Yokohama
 • Finance & Economic Development: Shenzhen
 • Solid Waste: Kolkata • Adaptation in Action: Copenhagen
• Transportation: Addis Ababa
• Sustainable Communities: Curitiba
• Social Equity & Climate Change: Seoul ​

 More information is here: http://www.c40.org/press_releases/press-release-c40-awards-the-11-best-cities-of-2016-for-addressing-climate-change

20 November 2016

San Francisco Board of Supervisors Response to Election of Donald Trump

Monday's "Unity Gathering." (Photo: SFPD/Facebook
"The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a strongly worded resolution in response to the election of Donald Trump, referring to the president-elect to as an "erratic, ill-informed racist and misogynist." per Hoodline.
"Introduced by newly reelected Board President London Breed, the resolution touches on climate change ("not a hoax"), affirms women's rights, and defies Trump's threats to revoke federal funding for sanctuary cities. Read on for the full "Board of Supervisors’ Response to the Election of Donald Trump."